If you or your loved one is suffering from a substance abuse disorder involving drugs and/or alcohol, Greenleaf has a program to help you understand and treat your addiction.

A licensed clinician will complete a diagnostic assessment and recommend the appropriate level of care. The goal of treatment is to gain insight into addiction issues and find healthy ways to treat addiction. Greenleaf utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and treats co-occurring disorders. There are several treatment options:

AoD Outpatient Group

For clients who are struggling with understanding addiction and its effects on their life. Groups meet for one hour per week for 12 weeks.


Provided for individuals who have completed IOP or other treatment/recovery programs who would benefit from ongoing support to help maintain a recovery environment.

Individual Counseling

All Alcohol or Drug Services are also offered individual counseling as needed. Individual counseling can also address co-occurring disorders.

Seeking Safety Group

Seeking Safety is a evidence-based model to help adults that are suffering from substance abuse and trauma attain safety. The goal of the group is to help develop skills for making better decisions, obtain a more positive outlook for the future, maintain sobriety, and recognize how trauma and substance use often go hand in hand.  This supportive and therapeutic group will provide individuals with the resources they need to live positive, productive and safe lives.


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