The Family Success Network (FSN) is a free, family support services program that includes family coaching, parenting tips, money management, financial assistance for parenting needs, and connections to additional community supports to help families succeed.

The Family Success Network recognizes that parenting is hard. There is no manual, but there is help!

Our Services:

The Family Success Network tailors our services specifically to your family.

Family Coaching - Every family will have access to a personal family coach to create a Family Success Plan and meet your individualized goals.

Money Management - Work with your coach to understand how to create a budget and set goals.

Financial Assistance - Access financial and community support to help meet the needs of your family.

Parenting Support - We work with all families to address their personalized needs - whether through simple parenting tips, hands-on parenting assistance, or someone to talk to about parenting challenges and stresses.

Connections to Community Supports - Get help locating the services you need.

For additional questions please contact the Program Manager, Heather Finklestein. 

Phone: 330-376-9494, Ext. 220 


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